The New Iberia Research Center (NIRC) is operated by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. NIRC holds the largest chimpanzee colony, 347 chimpanzees as of October 2011. 153 of the chimpanzees at NIRC are federally owned and as of 2013, 111 have begun their journey to retirement at Chimp Haven. In 2009, HSUS conducted an undercover investigation at NIRC that revealed dreadful conditions for many of the primates there.

Summer 2015 UPDATE:  There are 225 chimpanzees at NIRC.  Leo and Hercules, two young chimpanzees from NIRC are still being held at SUNY Stony Brook. 

Summer 2017 UPDATE:  Chimpanzees have been retiring to Project Chimps, but there are still 192 chimps at NIRC.